Our Rehab Policies

Packing for the Rehab


Transitioning to rehab can be a significant step and it’s crucial to arrive prepared and comfortable. We’ve curated a handy packing checklist that we recommend you to follow, to ensure your stay at our center is as smooth and restful as possible:


Essential identification is important to bring with you. These include your health insurance and prescription cards as well as your ID.


Cash or credit card for co-pays and prescriptions. Clients should bring no more than $400 cash initially. Small bills such as $10’s and $20’s are preferred.


Running shoes for exercise as well as comfort, open-style shoes like sandals for summer, and cozy slippers for winter.


Casual and comfortable clothing that can be layered. Storage is limited, so 7-10 days worth of clothing is more than enough. No wife beaters, or clothing with inappropriate or drug related references or visuals will be allowed in our facilities. Seasonal outerwear is recommended. A light jacket or sweatshirt for summer, and sweaters or jackets for the cooler months. T-shirts, walking shorts, sunglasses, hat, and sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher.


Limit yourself to one large suitcase and one carry-on. It is best not to exceed 7 to 10 days of clothing. A laundry facility and detergents are provided at no extra cost to you. Note that your bags will be searched by staff upon your arrival at our facilities. We recommend that you bring attire that reflects a healthy attitude toward recovery.


Prescription medications, if any. Please try to arrive with a minimum 4-day supply of prescription medication to avoid any missed doses. Please arrive with a current list of all your prescribed medications and dosages. While in treatment, authorized medications will be picked up by staff from a local Pharmacy,


You are allowed to bring any of your electronics such as your laptop, smartphone, and tablets. Extremely valuable items are not recommended.


Bedding, pillows, sheets, comforters, and towels will all be provided. However, you may bring your own, should you choose to bring your own items for any reason.


We recommend bringing workout attire for the gym and experiential groups. These include your workout shoe and workout clothing such as shorts or pants, and bras and t-shirts.


All toiletries must be alcohol free. You may bring such items as shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, mouthwash (alcohol free only), and sunscreen. Any items containing alcohol such as cologne, will be stored in the staff office and may be used with staff supervision. Toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shaving supplies, hair care products, hairdryer, lotion, body wash, and non-alcohol mouthwash are all allowed.


If you’re a smoker, a month’s supply of cigarettes is allowed. Smoking and chewing tobacco are only allowed in designated areas. Cigarettes and chewing tobacco must arrive in the original sealed container. Electronic or E-cigarettes are allowed but must be in the original packaging. Open vape juice will not be permitted.


Dangerous Items

Weapons of any kind are not permitted inside the facilities, including pocket and utility knives and any sharp items.

Any Items of Excessive Value

We highly recommend that you do not bring highly valuable items or jewelry with you that exceed $300 in worth.

Drugs, Alcohol, and OTC Drugs

Any alcohol, alcohol based products or medications is not allowed inside our facilities. The possession of drugs is and over-the-counter medication is not permitted. Nail polish, nail polish remover, or nail glue is not permitted. Caffeine products, weight loss, and energy pills is not allowed in the facility.

Inappropriate Items

Inappropriate clothing, such as attire with offensive phrases, promoting drugs or alcohol, or excessively revealing or tight-fitting.

Most Major Insurances are Accepted

Contact us to verify your insurance benefits in minutes. Provide us with your information in our confidential benefit verification form to be sent to our insurance team at 360 Integrated Recovery.


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