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Prescription Drug Rehabilitation

Prescription Drug Rehab in Los Angeles

You’ve reached milestones and accomplished great things in your life, but those accomplishments may have been overshadowed lately by the relentless grip of a prescription drug addiction. The struggle to overcome this powerful dependency can leave you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and despondently frustrated. However, you should never lose hope. Professional addiction specialists at 360 Integrated Recovery in Los Angeles, California, are here for you, keen to help guide your recovery journey.

Tailored Care

At our prescription drug rehab center, we embrace the fact that each individual is unique, with distinctive needs and goals. We dedicate our expertise to formulating an addiction treatment plan that is tailored to provide you with the recovery support you need. This process starts with a comprehensive physical and mental health assessment, enabling us to align you with the appropriate treatment team and set you on the path to recovery.

If your recovery journey requires the immersive support of inpatient treatment, our team in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, is ready to help.

Patient-Centered Detox

We offer a supervised detox program designed to facilitate a comfortable transition from addiction to recovery. Prescription drug addiction is intricate and detoxing from it can be complex. Attempting to detox on your own can not only be physically taxing but also potentially life-threatening due to withdrawal symptoms.

The withdrawal symptoms from prescription drugs can vary depending on the specific drug in question. These may include:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Nausea
  • Restlessness
  • Increased heart rate
  • Tremors
  • Seizures

At 360 Integrated Recovery, we offer medical detox to help manage and alleviate these withdrawal symptoms, allowing you to focus on beginning your recovery journey while also reducing the chances of an immediate relapse.

Comprehensive Support

Our Los Angeles-based rehab center provides an all-encompassing support network throughout and after your recovery process. This network includes a variety of services, programs, and therapies, along with a dedicated team ready to guide you through every step of your recovery journey.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

One of the most challenging aspects of addiction treatment is managing cravings and withdrawal symptoms. With medication-assisted treatment, we can keep these cravings at bay while also reducing withdrawal symptoms. This allows you to focus on your recovery so you can begin the healing process.

Inpatient Treatment

Following the detox process, we often recommend inpatient treatment. This type of substance abuse treatment is especially beneficial for those who have just embarked on a recovery program and need additional structure and support. Our residential treatment enables you to immerse yourself in a supportive community of individuals facing similar challenges, easing the sense of isolation often felt by those struggling with addiction.

Our facility provides 24/7 medical supervision and structured schedules to minimize downtime, ensuring the best start to your recovery from prescription drug abuse. With a recovery community always ready to assist, inpatient care can be the optimal choice for addiction treatment.

Intensive Treatment

Inpatient rehab and intensive treatment at our facility offer the immersive support you need. This option creates a structured, distraction-free environment where you can devote your full attention to recovering from prescription drug abuse.

Our programs let you practice new skills and coping techniques learned during therapy sessions. This transition after detox can be crucial for your recovery journey.

At our facility, we apply the most effective evidence-based treatments complemented by a variety of humanistic therapies. We aim to address the root causes of your prescription drug addiction and offer opportunities to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit.

Our private, high-quality facility fosters pursuits of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being alike. In our center and the nearby serene park, you will find ideal spaces for relaxation and healing.

Rebuilding Your Confidence

A successful recovery journey is heavily influenced by your overall comfort level. At 360 Integrated Recovery, we offer luxurious private accommodations and a welcoming, familial atmosphere from the moment you step through our doors.

Detoxification and stabilization are the initial important steps before embarking on this new chapter. Our patient-centered detox approach aids you in separating from your prescription drug dependency in a way that minimizes discomfort or apprehension.

We are Here to Help You Tackle Your Addiction

You will have comprehensive support throughout your healing process and beyond. Our compassionate inpatient staff will establish a fully encompassing support network for you that includes our caring professional team, your referring professional, and your loved ones.

Rediscovering The Real You

The exceptional therapeutic care at 360 Integrated Recovery has offered many patients renewed hope and motivation to transform their lives and achieve great things. We believe we can do the same for you. This is your chance to redefine who you truly are and to allow yourself the freedom to dream again. Contact us today to begin your journey to addiction recovery.

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