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Weekly Picnics

Tranquility Meets Recovery

At 360 Integrated Recovery in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, we strongly believe that engaging with nature can be a powerful healing force on the journey to recovery. To facilitate this, we regularly organize picnics for our clients as part of our holistic approach towards rehabilitation.

These outings take place in some of the most picturesque and serene outdoor settings around Los Angeles. From the lush greenery of local parks to the tranquil beauty of nearby beaches, these locales provide a wonderful backdrop for relaxation and peaceful introspection.

The food provided at these picnics varies, offering an exciting culinary element to each outing. Our team ensures that the meals are not only delicious but also nourishing, contributing to the overall wellness of our clients.


While these picnic outings are exclusive to our clients and accompanied by team members only, they provide an excellent opportunity for peer bonding and building supportive relationships. This arrangement also allows our team to provide continuous support and care in these relaxed, informal settings.

At 360 Integrated Recovery, our mission is to create a recovery journey that’s not just about overcoming challenges, but also about embracing life and the beauty it offers. Through these picnics, we hope to provide our clients with refreshing experiences that contribute positively to their journey towards recovery.

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