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Experience the Healing Power of Touch at 360 Integrated Recovery

360 Integrated Recovery proudly offers a comprehensive range of therapeutic options for our clients, including massage therapy, to holistically address addiction recovery. We understand that addiction often arises from attempts to escape or numb emotional, mental, or physical pain, and we are committed to providing new, healthy strategies to cope with these stresses.

Within our serene Los Angeles-based facility in North Hollywood, our licensed massage therapists are ready to help you navigate your path to recovery. We offer an array of massage techniques, from deep tissue to Swedish, targeting areas of your body that hold tension or discomfort. Our massage therapies serve to fortify the body’s immune system, reduce stress, and contribute to overall well-being.

Harness Massage as a Path to Recovery

Incorporating massage therapy as part of addiction treatment provides multifaceted benefits. The therapeutic touch can aid physical detoxification, alleviate withdrawal symptoms, and aid in maintaining abstinence. When you’re in recovery, it’s vital to understand the connection between the mind, body, and spirit, and massage therapy provides a powerful means to bridge this understanding.

After the initial detoxification phase, therapeutic massages can be particularly beneficial. They trigger the release of the body’s “feel-good” chemicals – endorphins – helping to ease the discomfort as the body readjusts to producing these chemicals naturally again.

Embrace the Physical and Psychological Benefits

From aiding sleep to promoting detoxification and fostering self-awareness, the benefits of massage therapy are numerous. For those in the early stages of recovery, these benefits can be game-changing. Insomnia, a common issue in recovery, can be eased with regular massage sessions. The improved blood flow and detoxification offered by massage therapy support the body’s physical recovery.

Moreover, massage therapy can significantly enhance self-awareness, a crucial aspect of overcoming addiction. As you become more in tune with your physical self, you’ll find it empowering and instrumental in your journey to recovery.

At 360 Integrated Recovery, we believe in the power of holistic, integrated treatment approaches. We’re here to help you discover the immense benefits of massage therapy, tailored to your unique needs and recovery journey. Contact us today to find out how our array of therapeutic options, including massage therapy, can support your path to recovery.

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