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Individual Counseling

Navigating Recovery With Counseling

360 Integrated Recovery, nestled in the dynamic neighborhood of North Hollywood, Los Angeles, places immense importance on individualized attention in the healing journey. That’s why our provision of individual counseling services stands as a cornerstone in our comprehensive suite of offerings.

Our counselors are highly qualified professionals, each bringing their unique expertise to our team. To serve our clients, they must hold valid licenses, ensuring they meet the standards set by professional bodies. Furthermore, in some cases, our counseling is led by psychiatrists who bring a medical perspective to the mental health aspects of recovery.


A Tailored Method

Our approach to counseling is dynamic and responsive. We don’t follow a rigid schedule for sessions. Instead, we prioritize the needs of our clients, offering one-on-one sessions as and when required. This flexible model allows us to provide immediate support when our clients need it most, fostering a therapeutic relationship built on trust and understanding.

Additionally, we tailor our therapeutic methods to the unique needs of each client, based on their specific experiences and trauma. By adopting such a client-centric approach, we ensure that the therapy is relevant, effective, and sensitive to the individual’s personal journey.

At 360 Integrated Recovery, we believe that personal counseling is a critical aspect of the rehabilitation process. Through this service, we aim to provide our clients with a safe and supportive environment to express, explore, and overcome the challenges on their path to recovery.

Most Major Insurances are Accepted

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